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 Why Success ?

No.1 Market Share

Brand Recognition & Trust with huge Competitive Advantage !!!

Latest Generation:G3

More Reliability, VPP Ready, Grid-Forming, UPS Back-up, Easy Installation.  


Huge Opportunities

Targeting at Existing PV Clients VS Focus on New PV only


As being an Ac-coupled Solution, G3-b5 is compatible with all solar inverters in Au Market (Includes Hoymiles, Enphase, Solaredge...etc) Ac-coupled would be a very friendly options for client who already got a Goodwe 8500ms 10000ms, or Fronius 8.2 primo at the grid approval side. 


Combine the Design Advantages/Brands Loyalty together with a Battery solution (When client is specific on Inverter's brand or when they have multiple roof splits where you have to choose 3Mppt inverters)


Offering a Retrofitting Product to Utilise Your Existing Relationship, Trust and Credibility, Data and Streamlined Communication, Cost-Efficiency, Feedback Loop, Word-of-Mouth Referrals, Faster Sales Cycle and Higher Closing Rate.


The AC couple battery seamlessly integrates without requiring modifications to the original solar setup. This is advantageous because it ensures that the warranty and liability coverage for the solar power system continue as is, providing peace of mind to the system owner as well as battery retailer. 


Supply stability (local stock available in 5 states), Strategic Partnerships, Avoid Destructive Competition, Reduce Channel Conflicts, Market Differentiation...etc. 

1,000+ Australian Homes Trusted !

100+ Australian Solar Retailer/Installer Trusted !

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