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Sigenergy is a forward-thinking company focusing on developing cutting-edge home and business energy solutions, including energy storage systems, solar inverters, and EV chargers. Our world-class R&D team of hundreds of industry talents shares the vision of making the world greener through continuous innovation.
By integrating the latest power electronics, digital, and AI technologies, we build next-generation energy products with optimum safety features. With global sales and services, we aim to become our customers' most trusted partners on their journey to a more sustainable future.

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Battery Production

5 in 1 Fully Integrated 

SOLAR INVERTER (Single & 3Phase, Grid & Off-Grid)

DC EV CHARGER(Bi-Directional, V2X, 12kw or 25kw)


BATTERY PACK (5 or 8kwh, Mix Match on different Size or Age)








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Hybrid Inverter

It works alone and batteries can be added at any time.

The hybrid inverter allows you to easily add the Sigen battery at a later date if you want to add energy storage to your solar system to optimize your home energy supply.

Single phase: 5.0 6.0 8.0 10.0

Three phase: 5.0 10.0 15.0 25.0 

Hybrid Inverter Spec Sheet   

Dc Ev Charger

3 Energy Sources: Pv, Sigen Battery & Grid to be Combined in Difference Charging Mode; 

Support V2X, Real-time Monitoring & Remote Control, 12.5kw or 25kw DC. 

DC Ev Charger Spec Sheet 

Battery Modules

5kwh / 8kwh 

Up to 6 modules per Stack 

Quick Connections and Fast Commissioning 

Safety Protection: Cell-Level temp. monitoring; Aerogels insulated pads; Decompression valve; High-temp. resistance insulated pads; Internal Fire Extinguisher

Battery Module Spec Sheet 


Grid / Off-Grid (Generator Connection)

Full House backup/ Essential Loads

0ms  Uninterrupted Power Supply 

Customised Solution for C&I 

Gateway (max) Spec sheet 

Ac Ev Charger

One platform for all 

Innovative charging mode

Highly Integrated for easy installation 

Available in 7kw/11kw/22kw: Spec Sheet 


Mounting, Metering and Communication accessories

Meter Spec sheet 
Sigen 4G CommMod 

 mySigen App

Real-time Monitoring (10s data refreshment)

GPT-4 integrated for Common Q&As 

One click-Diagnosis For system health check 

Manage light and language in your preference 

Safety concerns ? 

Low Voltage Battery Cell 

Reduces hazardous level during installation, failure and replacement. Reduces electrial arcing within pack.                                                    Longer cycler life & Higher energy density  

5-Layer Battery Protection 

Cell-level temp. monitoring(7 active temp.sensors per battery pack)  Aerogel insulated pads                                                                          Decompression valve                                                                            High-temp. resistance insulated pads                                                  Internal Fire extinguisher 

Big or Small ?

Combine in Your Way !

Most Flexible Configuration Supported by Stackable Design and Gateway Parallel Function  

Installation Guide

Inverter & Batteries 

At least two people are required to install the equipment.

Up to six SigenStor BATs are supported for floor installation and        

Up to two SigenStor BATs for wall installation.

Installation Manual  

Gateway & Commissioning 

Installers must register and get certified before installation:

Step 1: Register on mySigen App or web.

Step 2: Get certified online. Learn more.

Step 3: Put Invitation code "34WVE8N3CXZ" under Team management section in Settings, so ES team can assist you with support when needed.  

Installer Account Registration 

Gateway(SP MAX) installation Manual            

Gateway(TP MAX) installation Manual  

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