Why Micro Inverter ?


No high DC voltage on Roof – No risk of fire 


Maximum Power Point Tracking

Less effect of shading/dust/bird dropping


Panel-Level  vs System-Level Monitor 

Easy for Fault Finding, Identifying Potential Issue and Problem Solving.  


String Inverter

When your String Inverter Develops a Fault, Entire Solar System Stop Producing Power until Fixed. 

Micro Inverter 

When A Micro Inverter Develops a Fault, Remaining Micro Inverters can Continue to Operate. 

String Inverter (Maximum 3mppt only)

All Solar Panels on each Mppt needs to be connected in the same orientation so similar current can be expected. 
Micro Inverter

Can be designed in any orientation with any number of panels as they are working independently from each other. 

String Inverter

Can only accept panels with same specs with numbers limitation, not easy to upgrade later. 
Micro Inverter

Any brands, Any numbers, Any spec with Micro inverter at Any time in the future.  


Extra Features

Cost Effective

$1200-$1500 savings can be expected from Hoymiles' smart Design (4or2 in 1) comparing to other Micro Inverter Price from a standard 6.6kw solar system. You are having the same function and feature out of Hoymiles' product as each panel still operate independently through their own MPPT.  


Hoymiles offer on-site supports when you carry the first Hoymiles' system installation and continuously supports from online or on-site all the way through the journey with Hoymiles. 

Hoymiles Community

Local Qualified and Certified installer will get referred works from Manufacture, Distributor and Retailers who are promoting Hoymiles products. Service job, Replacement, New Installations...etc.

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